Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes are uncomfortable, frustrating, and impossible to ignore.

Treatment is available to restore comfort and reduce the hassle of dry eyes.

Feel like you've tried everything? A doctor can help.

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Professional Dry Eye Treatment Provides Lasting Relief

Address All Your Annoying Symptoms

The most obvious benefit is a lasting reduction in effects like redness, itchiness, blurred vision, and that persistent feeling you have something in your eye.

Lifestyle Changes Can Help

Often, breaking bad habits and other small steps can make a huge difference. Set a timer to break during computer use and talk to your doctor about medications that might be contributing to your condition.

Most Treatments Are Gentle and Non-Invasive

Drops (both wetting and medicated), eyelid scrubs, and specially formulated supplements are painless and extremely easy to use.

If you suffer from dry eyes, you are not alone...

Dry Eyes Affect a Huge Number of People

See the difference dry eye treatment can make...

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Is It More Than Just an Annoyance?

For some people, dry eyes might simply be due to seasonal factors and never cause more than passing frustration. For others, the condition can impact their comfort and even quality of life. Untreated dry eye syndrome can develop to a degree that it causes pain and blurred vision. Because a sufficient quantity of moisturizing tears is needed to protect the cornea, severe cases could lead to increased risk of infection, scarring, and ulcers on the surface of the eye. 

How can treatment address varying causes?

Effective treatment can not only stop symptoms like watering, redness, and itching, but also protect your long-term eye health and vision.

How do I know if I should see a doctor?

Take the Dry Eye Quiz

Although you should consult a medical professional with experience treating dry eye, it can typically be diagnosed by asking yourself several questions:

painCreated with Sketch.

Do your eyes sting, burn, water, or feel scratchy?

red-eyesCreated with Sketch.

Are your eyes often red?

contact-lensesCreated with Sketch.

Do you have difficulty wearing contact lenses?

night-drivingCreated with Sketch.
Do you have difficulty driving at night?
blurCreated with Sketch.

Is your vision blurred?

time-24-hoursCreated with Sketch.

Are your symptoms persistent?

original (9)Created with Sketch.

Have lifestyle changes and over-the-counter drops failed to provide a lasting improvement?

Keep reading to learn more about your options...

Restore Your Comfort and Protect Your Vision

To effectively treat your condition, your doctor will first pinpoint the root cause of your dryness. If prescription eye drops cannot adequately manage your symptoms, they may recommend procedures to treat the glands which produce tears. Temporarily plugging the tear ducts at the inner corners of the eyes might also be recommended. In severe cases, the drainage ducts can be permanently closed.

Dry eyes are a common problem that should not be ignored. Speak to an eye doctor about the cause of your symptoms for a personally tailored treatment plan.

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