Specialized Care for a Range of Eye Conditions

Eye Diseases

Diseases affecting vision can have devastating results when they are left untreated. At Choate Eye Associates, we offer professional diagnosis and care for a wide variety of eye diseases, including keratoconus, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. 

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A cataract is a clouding of the crystalline lens of the eye that results in impaired vision. Affecting more than 20 million Americans, cataracts grow slowly over time and gradually fog a patient's vision. While the effects of cataracts may not be obvious at first, the disease can eventually make even normal activities difficult.

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Macular Degeneration

The macula is the central part of the retina that processes light directly in our line of sight. Macular degeneration occurs when this tissue wears down, often resulting in a dark spot in the center of vision. Wee offer Macula Risk® genetic testing to help determine if you may be at-risk.

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Keratoconus is a condition that causes the cornea to thin and take on an abnormal shape. Patients with this eye disease often experience blurred vision and increased light sensitivity. 

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Dry Eye Syndrome

When the eyes do not produce sufficient moisture and lubrication, they can become chronically red, irritated, and inflamed. This condition (known as dry eye syndrome) can not only cause considerable discomfort, it can also impair vision. Treatment options include artificial tears and punctal plugs

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Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

CVS encompasses a number of eye and vision-related problems that are caused by prolonged use of computers, tablets, e-readers, or cell phones. The most common symptoms of CVS include eyestrain, headaches, dry eye, and blurred vision.

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Diabetic Retinopathy

When diabetes is not properly managed, it can cause damage to the retina, which results in a condition known as diabetic retinopathy. Although the early stages of this eye condition may result in only minor symptoms, it can eventually lead to a complete loss of vision. 

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Patients with presbyopia experience a difficulty focusing on nearby objects. If you suffer from eyestrain or headaches when performing up-close work, we can provide a thorough diagnosis to determine if you have this eye condition. After making a positive diagnosis, we offer a wide variety of contact lenses and eyeglasses to correct blurred vision and help you focus.

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Glaucoma refers to a range of related eye conditions that cause damage to the optic nerve, which sends information from the eye to the brain. Most often caused by a buildup of pressure within the eye, glaucoma can result in permanent vision loss. Our doctors perform diagnostic tests during routine examinations to determine if a patient is in the early stages of glaucoma. Depending on the severity of symptoms, we can provide both non-surgical and surgical treatment.

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