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Medical Optometry

There are many optometrists in the Nashville, TN, area, so how do you choose the right one to care for you and your family?

​Board-certified optometrist Walter Choate is truly one of the most highly respected eye doctors in Tennessee.

Find out why so many patients from throughout Middle Tennessee travel to our Goodlettsville office for medical optometry...

What Is Medical Optometry?

While basic optometry simply tests your vision and prescribes the proper corrective lens, medical optometry does more. Dr. Choate is an optometrist who practices medical optometry. In addition to offering general eye exams and corrective eyewear prescriptions, he and his experienced staff are fully trained in the medical diagnosis and treatment of degenerative eye diseases.

Other than actual eye surgery, which Dr. Choate can co-manage with local ophthalmologists, we can pretty much offer you all the medical expertise and procedures that an ophthalmologist's office can. 

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Dr. Choate will examine your vision and determine if you have a serious eye disease. That is medical optometry.

The Importance of Eye Exams

It is imperative to see an optometrist like Dr. Choate annually for a comprehensive eye exam in order to diagnose vision-threatening conditions before symptoms occur. Make an appointment immediately if you experience sudden eye pain or vision loss. 
importance of eye exams

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Dr. Choate's expertise in the diagnosis and medical treatment of common eye diseases makes him the right choice to keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp. 

Not seeing clearly or experiencing sudden eye pain? Overdue for an eye exam? Patients from Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, and Nashville, TN, can contact our office today, either online or by phone, to schedule a comprehensive eye exam. Your path to first-class eye care has never been clearer.

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Dr. Walter Choate
Dr. Walter Choate

"He is simply the best optometrist in the Nashville area."


Janet Blakemore


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Dr. Choate and staff are courteous and professional. I’ve been a patient of his now for at least ten years. I’m a firm believer in the saying, you get what you pay for and he is worth it. I like that he educates his patients on the nutrition aspect of eye health and can recommend the supplements one needs. His knowledge of the latest treatment is impressive and reassuring. I would recommend him to anyone and on a fun note, his office music and magazine choice is very enjoyable.

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Steven Christmas


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I have been going to Choate Eye Associates for all of my eye care needs for 12 years now. I have never received a more thorough eye examination. Dr. Choate is extremely knowledgeable on the latest information & technology in prescription lenses and contacts. His entire staff are courteous, friendly and attentive. I highly recommend Dr. Choate & his staff for any and all of your eye care needs. He is simply the best optometrist in the Nashville area.

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Common Eye Conditions We Can Diagnose and Treat...


According to the world health organization, glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world. It occurs when pressure builds up in your eyes due to an excess of ocular fluid. If not treated, permanent optic nerve damage can occur. If Dr. Choate diagnoses glaucoma, he can prescribe eye drops or oral medications to reduce intraocular pressure. If surgery is recommended, he'll refer you to a trusted Nashville-area eye surgeon in his professional network. Post-surgical care can be handled at our optometry practice.

Learn More About Glaucoma


A cataract is the clouding of the lens of your eye. Aging, injury, and overexposure to UV rays from the sun can all cause vision-impairing cataracts. A routine eye exam at our office north of Nashville, TN, can detect a cataract before you even experience any vision loss. If you have cataracts, Dr. Choate may recommend a surgical procedure to replace your cloudy lens with a premium intraocular lens (IOL) in order to restore clear vision. You'll be referred to a trusted eye surgeon. Dr. Choate will provide your post-operative care.

Learn More About Cataracts

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration (ARMD) is a condition in which retina damage results in a loss of vision in the center of the visual field. It usually affects older adults. We use Macula Risk® genetic testing to determine patients’ risk of developing ARMD. By conducting a DNA test, we can determine who is at highest risk of vision loss due to ARMD. To treat ARMD, we prescribe Fortifeye® vitamins, which provide nutrients necessary to maintain the retina.

Learn More About Macular Degeneration


Keratoconus usually first presents during adolescence, when collagen (a protein found in the skin and joints) in the body begins to break down. The cornea, which consists largely of collagen, begins to weaken, taking on a cone shape. This results in increasing nearsightedness. We use corneal topography to digitally map the contour of the cornea and prescribe specialty contact lens fitting. This effective, non-invasive treatment is unique to our optometry practice.

Learn More About Keratoconus

Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eye cannot produce enough tears to achieve adequate moisture, resulting in redness, burning, and itching. We can prescribe Fortifeye vitamins to improve tear production and reduce inflammation. If swelling in your eyes is obstructing tear production, we can prescribe Restasis® to reduce swelling. We can also prescribe Freshkote® eye drops, an effective solution for moderate to severe dry eye syndrome. In addition to these medications, we utilize technologies like LipiFlow®, ThermiEyes®, and punctal plugs.

Learn More About Dry Eye

Computer Vision Syndrome

Staring at your computer screen too much can cause headaches, tired eyes, and dry eye syndrome. Our Opt-Align™ vision test precisely measures the alignment of your eyes, so we can prescribe customized progressive eyeglasses or contact lenses to make digital screen viewing more comfortable and less straining on the eye.

Learn More About Computer Vision Syndrome

"We highly recommend Choate Eye Associates!"


Ted Montmeny


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The two ladies that performed the initial part of my exam were very thorough & friendly. Dr. Choate was also very thorough & it was clear that he is truly interested in the services they provide as well as providing information on how we can maintain healthy vision. Tammy who assisted me with selecting eye frames & lenses was fantastic.

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Derri Smith


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Unbelievably good....Dr. Choate stays up with the latest and invests in state of the art equipment , his staff are consistently excellent, he takes the time to be very thorough and to be interested in me as an individual as well. His lovely office is impeccably clean and his COVID precautions top notch. I’ve been seeing him for decades and am spoiled for anywhere else.

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Dr. Choate's eye care blog features numerous informative entries on different aspects of optometry.

Dr. Choate

Choate Eye Associates

Choate Eye Associates has been delivering high-quality, compassionate eye care to the Nashville community since 1979. We are affiliated with various leading organizations in the field, including: 

  • American Academy of Optometry
  • American Optometric Association 
  • National Board of Examiners in Optometry 

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"I am very pleased with the attention I received at Choate Eye Associates. Dr. Choate is very thorough and does a wonderful job of explaining what he is doing and what he is looking for in the exam." Dianal - Comprehensive Eye Care Patient

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