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At Choate Eye Associates, our luxurious office is equipped to provide complete diagnosis and care for all eye conditions and eye diseases. Our goal is always to catch these conditions as early as possible in order to treat them before they compromise vision. One of the diseases on which we focus our expertise is glaucoma. Those seeking advanced vision care with our professionals serving Nashville, Gallatin, and other nearby communities, enjoy one of the area's best-equipped destinations for glaucoma patients.

Glaucoma Nashville

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a disease in which pressure in the eye increases over time due to fluid buildup. The disease affects the eye's ability to drain this fluid, ultimately damaging the optic nerve and potentially affecting vision. Most patients have open-angle glaucoma, in which the onset of symptoms is gradual; however, about one in 10 patients have closed-angle glaucoma, which is characterized by a sudden pressure increase that can quickly lead to vision loss. Patients may also have a less common form of glaucoma called low tension glaucoma. This is common in patients who have sleep apnea and chronic migraine headaches.

Great care must be taken to identify this condition as early as possible so eye pressure can be regulated and vision loss from glaucoma can be prevented. Our vision care professionals in Goodlettsville and serving Hendersonville, Gallatin, and other Nashville area locations, are trained to identify and treat glaucoma in all its forms.

Diagnosing Glaucoma

Glaucoma is difficult to detect early because it produces no initial symptoms. In most cases, the disease is detected during a routine eye exam. Patients typically have normal vision and experience no pain during this period. Gradually, as pressure in the eye increases, the patient's peripheral vision will begin to fade.

In the absence of appropriate vision care, patients affected by open-angle glaucoma ultimately develop tunnel vision, in which they can only see directly in front of them. Allowed to progress, glaucoma ultimately can cause total blindness. One eye may be affected more than the other by glaucoma, but usually both are affected to some degree.

Patients with closed-angle glaucoma can experience headaches, eye redness and pain, blurred vision, halos, weakness, nausea, and vomiting. These symptoms typically appear quickly, and treatment must be equally quick to give the best hope of preserving the patient's vision.

Treating Glaucoma

Our eye doctors in Goodlettsville and serving Hendersonville and the entire Nashville area are trained and equipped to provide vision care for glaucoma patients in every phase of the disease's progress. You can rely on our eye care physicians for the most effective medical therapies and superior pre- and post-surgical care when it is needed.

Medication in eye drop or pill form is usually the primary treatment for glaucoma. These medications can be helpful in controlling eye pressure and preserving vision. However, in some cases this type of care for glaucoma becomes less effective over time, making surgery the best alternative.

If surgery does become necessary, there are different options for open- and closed-angle glaucoma. Laser trabeculoplasty, a procedure in which a laser is used to widen the existing opening that allows fluid to drain from the eye, is appropriate for open-angle glaucoma. Individuals with closed-angle glaucoma may need laser iridotomy, in which a laser is used to create a new hole in the iris for drainage. More advanced open angle glaucoma can necessitate the need for various forms of more invasive filtering procedures.

Contact Our Vision Care Practice

Regular eye exams are always important, but they become particularly crucial to those at risk of glaucoma. To schedule a vision care appointment for glaucoma diagnosis or treatment at our practice near Nashville and Gallatin, Tennessee, or to see us for a regular checkup, contact Choate Eye Associates today.

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