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Have you noticed that your vision has gotten cloudy? This could be caused by a cataract clouding the natural lens of your eye.

Dr. Walter Choate of Choate Eye Associates in Nashville, TN, is a board-certified optometrist who can create your cataract treatment plan.

Learn how Dr. Choate works with Nashville's top eye surgeons to give you back sharp, clear vision through advanced cataract surgery.

What Exactly Is a Cataract?

We have a clear, natural lens in each eye behind the iris (the colored portion of our eye). This natural lens focuses light on our retina, which helps our brain create crystal clear, sharp images.

As we age, tissues within the lens of the eye can break down and form cloudy clumps that diffuse and stop light from reaching your retina. This is a cataract, and it can cause serious vision problems as it grows.

Although prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses can help you see better for a while, Dr. Choate may suggest cataract surgery and the implantation of an artificial lens (IOL) to patients to restore sharp vision.

Cataracts Can Cause Total Vision Loss

An estimated 13.4 million people lost their vision due to untreated cataracts in 2020

*According to Lancet Global Health

Causes of Cataracts

Cataracts can cause clouding of the lens inside your eye due to aging, genetics, or excessive sun exposure. Other causes include:

  • Eye injuries
  • Previous eye surgeries
  • Diabetes
  • Steroid medications
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Smoking

Experiencing Cloudy Vision? Contact Dr. Choate for a Cataract Consultation

Walter Choate is a vastly experienced, board-certified Nashville, TN, optometrist with specialized training in diagnosing, treating, and managing eye diseases such as cataracts. His state-of-the-art practice features the latest diagnostic tools in the eye care industry, meaning he can detect a cataract early and suggest treatment options before it seriously affects your vision.

If you notice symptoms like cloudy vision, contact us online or by phone to schedule a comprehensive exam with Dr. Choate. Should the cause be a cataract, Dr. Choate collaborates with the best ophthalmologists and eye surgeons in Nashville to restore sharp vision through cataract surgery and IOL transplants. Dr. Choate welcomes patients from throughout Nashville, Goodlettsville, and Hendersonville, TN. 

Call to Schedule Your Cataract Consultation

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Dr. Chaote and team

Some of Our Many 5-Star Reviews


Melissa Bandy


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I've been going to Choate Eye Associates for close to 15 years now. I trust Dr. Choate with all my eye needs, he is always so thorough and they have the most stylish frames around! The staff is always so nice and very helpful.

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John Saros


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Dr. Choate is extremely knowledgeable and I left feeling like he cared about my vision. His staff is super friendly and laughed at my bad jokes with conviction. 10/10, will go again.

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Take Our "Symptoms of Cataracts" Quiz

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? They can make everyday tasks like reading, walking, or driving difficult or potentially dangerous to you and others.

  • Foggy or cloudy vision 
  • Increased sensitivity to light or glare
  • Poor night vision
  • Dull, faded colors
  • Dim or blurry vision
  • Light halos
  • Frequently needing stronger eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions
  • Double vision

If you answered "yes" to any of these symptoms, a cataract may have formed on the lens in one or both of your eyes. Contact Dr. Choate at his high-end eye care practice for a thorough cataract exam today.

A Look at the Cataract Surgery Procedure

After a thorough exam at his respected eye care practice in Nashville, TN, Dr. Choate will explain the cataract surgery to you in detail and discuss the full range of IOL options available. The procedure, as performed by a trusted Nashville area eye surgeon, should go as follows:

Cataract Surgery

The only way to eliminate cataracts and restore your vision to its pre-cataract state is through surgery. During this outpatient surgery, the clouded natural lens of the eye is removed and subsequently replaced by an IOL, or intraocular lens. Dr. Choate will explain the surgery to you in detail and discuss the full range of IOL options available. The procedure, as performed by a trusted Nashville area ophthalmologist, should go as follows:

  1. Numbing eye drops will be placed in your eyes by your eye surgeon for your comfort. You may be given a mild sedative to help you relax.
  2. Next, your eye surgeon will use a high-tech laser to make a small incision in your cornea. 
  3. A specialized ultrasound tool will then be used to break apart the clouded lens and safely suction the pieces out.
  4. Finally, the artificial lens that Dr. Choate and you decided upon will be inserted into the incision to replace the removed natural lens.
  5. You will eventually return to Dr. Choate's practice for a follow-up appointment so he can monitor the healing process.

Tell Me About Surgery Recovery

  • You might feel some itchiness or soreness for the next few days, but that will fade quickly. 
  • Infection risk is low, but prescription eyedrops will be provided for you just in case.
  • Just take it easy for a few days. Don't drive until your vision clears, and avoid strenuous activities while your eyes are healing.
  • Full recovery should occur in about eight weeks, but you should have better vision almost immediately after the lens implantation.
  • Contact Dr. Choate for more information on post-surgery recovery.

More Glowing Reviews for Dr. Choate


Catherine Jennings


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I have not had luck finding transition or contacts that work with my prescription. I had a conglomeration of different glasses I carried with me. The staff walked me through the neurolens process and technology and Dr Choate did a very thorough exam. I picked up my new glasses yesterday at 7am. I have only taken them off to sleep! I love them. I can see everything so well with one pair of glasses. No fishbowl effect!! Thank you so much Dr Choate and staff. You have literally changed my life.

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Derri Smith


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Unbelievably good....Dr. Choate stays up with the latest and invests in state of the art equipment , his staff are consistently excellent, he takes the time to be very thorough and to be interested in me as an individual as well. His lovely office is impeccably clean and his COVID precautions top notch. I’ve been seeing him for decades and am spoiled for anywhere else.

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Dr. Choate

Choate Eye Associates

Choate Eye Associates has been delivering high-quality, compassionate eye care to the Nashville community since 1979. We are affiliated with various leading organizations in the field, including: 

  • American Academy of Optometry
  • American Optometric Association 
  • National Board of Examiners in Optometry 

To schedule a consultation at our practice, call us at (615) 851-7575 or request an appointment online

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"I am very pleased with the attention I received at Choate Eye Associates. Dr. Choate is very thorough and does a wonderful job of explaining what he is doing and what he is looking for in the exam." Dianal - Comprehensive Eye Care Patient

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