SynergEyes Hybrid Contact Lenses Offer Sharp Vision and All-Day Comfort

Extreme close up of an eyeSynergEyes® hybrid contact lenses combine the best features of both hard and soft contacts. In this way, they can give you the sharpest vision with the greatest comfort possible. We are the premier ophthalmology practice in the area and the first to offer these new lenses. We use SynergEyes to treat several types of vision conditions at our Goodlettsville, TN, optometrist's office. We offer multiple types of hybrid lenses to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and keratoconus. During a comprehensive eye examination with Dr. Walter Choate, he will evaluate your vision and ocular health to determine the right type of lenses for your needs.

What Are SynergEyes Contact Lenses?

Originally, all contacts were rigid, or gas permeable. Still widely used today, rigid lenses are quite durable. They can also achieve a very high degree of vision correction. In recent years, however, soft contacts have become popular because they are more comfortable than rigid lenses. Nonetheless, your vision may not be as sharp with soft lenses.

With their rigid centers, these contacts will give you incredibly sharp eyesight. At the same time, their soft outer edges will help keep your eyes moisturized.

SynergEyes hybrid lenses incorporate elements of rigid and soft lenses, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both. They are gas-permeable in the center, but the edges are soft, conforming to your eyes for optimal comfort.

Types of SynergEyes Lenses

There are several varieties of SynergEyes lenses to choose from:

  • Duette™ hybrid lenses: Duette hybrid lenses can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. They are designed for all-day use and can achieve a high level of vision correction, even at night. These lenses are also designed to block ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can damage the structure of your eyes over time.
  • Duette™ Multifocal lenses: Duette Multifocal lenses have various optical zones, meaning they can correct distance, intermediate, and close-up vision. The lenses can be a great option if you struggle with age-related presbyopia.
  • ClearKone® lenses: If you suffer from keratoconus, characterized by cone-shaped corneas, ClearKone contacts may be right for you. The rigid centers can span the unique shape of your eyes, and the soft edges offer remarkable comfort.
  • UltraHealth and UltraHealth FC: UltraHealth lenses are another option if you have keratoconus. UltraHealth FC can be an excellent choice if you still need corrective lenses after LASIK surgery or another refractive procedure.

The Benefits of SynergEyes Contacts

With their rigid centers, the innovative SynergEyes lenses can give you incredibly sharp eyesight. At the same time, their soft outer edges will help keep your eyes moisturized. The lenses are also quite easy to adjust to. Our office is the area’s premier provider of SynergEyes contacts. Dr. Choate and the staff at his optical boutique are extremely experienced. With their knowledge and the use of Visioffice® imaging technology, they can determine the right type of lens and the correct strength for your needs. Your resulting clear vision will allow you to enjoy all of your favorite activities without the hassle of glasses.

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