LASIK Recovery: What to Expect and How to Care for Your Eyes

Illustration of LASIK surgeryLASIK surgery is a quick, lasting treatment to restore your vision and lower your dependence on corrective eyewear. In order to achieve a successful outcome and adequately protect their eye health, patients need to be informed and active participants in their aftercare.  Dr. Walter Choate will provide all the information you need during your LASIK recovery, including instructions for medications and activities you will need to avoid. The team at our Goodlettsville, TN, practice will answer all your questions and concerns so you know exactly what to expect in the days and weeks following your procedure.

Ensuring a Successful Outcome

Protecting our patients' ocular health during their recovery begins with the initial consultation. Dr. Choate holds patients to strict candidacy standards. Conditions such as glaucoma or macular degeneration will typically disqualify you from treatment. However, you can usually undergo LASIK after cataract surgery. Finally, Dr. Choate will assess your eye structure. Large pupils or thin corneas can raise your risk for post-surgical complications. 

What to Expect after LASIK

When he has completed your procedure, Dr. Choate will place the flap back in its proper position over your eye, and he will provide a protective shield that will fit like a contact lens. With no need for stitches, your cornea will quickly heal on its own. You will also be provided with protective eye shields which guard against rubbing your eyes during sleep, which could dislodge the flap. You will typically wear the eye shields for four to five nights after your surgery. You can leave our office soon after the surgery, but will require that someone else drive you home.

The First 48 Hours

Immediately after surgery, you may have some minor irritation, such as a scratching feeling. Your eyesight may also be slightly blurred. Some patients experience burning or itching during this time, and your eyes might also water or appear bloodshot. In most cases, these and similar sensations will fade after several days.

During the first day, you should get plenty of rest. Avoid reading, computer use, and watching TV, as these activities can strain your eyes. In 24 to 48 hours, you will have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Choate. You will also be provided with various eye drops, including antibiotic, steroid, and lubricating drops. Precisely following your doctor's instructions for these medications can keep your eyes comfortable and also minimize your chance of developing an infection. 

Protecting our patients' ocular health during their recovery begins with the initial consultation. 

The Following Weeks

You may notice an improvement in your vision immediately after LASIK and you can usually resume driving after your initial follow-up visit. However, it will typically be several weeks before your full results will be obvious. While your eyes are fully healing, you should not go swimming or engage in high-impact activities. Hot tubs and whirlpools should be completely avoided until your doctor provides approval. It is also important to keep your eyes lubricated during this time, and we typically recommend using eye drops three to four times a day. A number of LASIK patients experience heightened sensitivity to sunlight, so it is important to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes as well. 

Learn More During a LASIK Consultation

Like any surgery, knowing what to expect before, during, and after the procedure is integral to your satisfaction. To find out how LASIK can enhance your vision and quality of life, contact Choate Eye Associates today. Use our simple online form or call (615) 851-7575 to reach our team. 

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