The Visioffice System Allows You to Choose the Best Lenses and Beautiful Frames

Dr. Walter Choate is dedicated to using advanced technology to improve your patient experience. To achieve this goal, he and his team use the Visioffice® system at their Goodlettsville, TN, practice. Choate Eye Associates is proud to be the only office in the Nashville metro area to utilize this cutting-edge system. Visioffice will take extremely precise measurements of your eyes and overall facial structure. With this data, your optometrist can determine the exact prescription you need for the sharpest vision possible. You can also virtually try on frames and lenses in real time. Through the Visioffice system, we can ensure your complete satisfaction with your new glasses.

How Does Visioffice Work?

Visioffice is a state-of-the-art system located in our in-house optical boutique. This program can work with three patient profiles: child, adult single vision, and adult with presbyopia. Your practitioner can use your particular profile to educate you about your eye health and unique visual needs. Then the system will take images of your eyes so your doctor can better determine the right lens strength.

Visioffice will even track your eye movements, allowing us to choose the best lens strength for all distances and areas of focus.

The Visioffice system will also take exact measurements of your whole face at different angles. The images will upload to our computerized system. There, you can see visual representations of the various frames, lenses, and colored contacts available. You can move around, adjust your hair, and thoroughly weigh your options. In this way, you can easily choose between thousands of different frame styles. Plus, your optometrist can adjust the shape and size of your frames to fit the bridge of your nose and other facial proportions.

The Benefits of Visioffice

This exciting technology offers several benefits to our patients:

  • Most accurate lens prescriptions: Visioffice tracks your eye movements, allowing us to choose a lens strength for all distances and areas of focus. Plus, it will guide Dr. Choate as he fits the lenses in your new frames.
  • More efficient care: Because we can choose the right lenses so easily, Visioffice can reduce the number of adjustments needed and your total treatment time.
  • Complete cosmetic satisfaction: Choosing new glasses or contacts can be challenging.  The Visioffice system will allow you to see what your frames will look like with your new prescription lenses. Plus, you can compare and contrast different lenses by examining the printed photos of your face.
  • Ability to prescribe premium lenses: Visioffice technology allows the doctor to prescribe certain premium lens options, such as specific no-glare lenses and polarized lenses, among others.
  • Better patient education: Because all the information will be displayed on an easily accessible computer screen, your optometrist can keep you completely informed about your ocular health and lens options. You will be able to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable about your decision.

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Thanks to Visioffice, it has never been easier to choose the right glasses or contacts. Contact us online today or call (615) 851-7575 to learn more and to experience this innovative system for yourself.

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