Visioffice® Technology: Find Your Custom Lenses and Frames By Walter Choate on April 16, 2023

Eyeglass framesThere are several laser vision treatments to correct refractive errors and enhance eyesight, but many still prefer prescription glasses for vision care. Eyeglasses are easy and convenient, and they allow people to express their unique style. Individuals who treat their vision with glasses deserve to know they are getting the most precise prescription and the most complementary frames.

At Choate Eye Associates, Dr. Walter Choate uses Visioffice® imaging technology to offer individuals from Nashville, TN, Goodlettsville, TN, and Hendersonville, TN, glasses that are customized to their unique needs and desires. Visioffice technology creates custom lenses and frames that provide precise vision correction and complement the facial structure, giving patients an attractive and practical solution for vision issues.

Visioffice Technology and Prescription Lenses

The Visioffice system works for three types of patients: children and adults with single vision and adults with presbyopia. The in-office technology takes images and measurements of the eyes to determine the correct lens strength for each patient. Visioffice technology even tracks eye movements to calculate prescription needs at all distances and angles.

The data collected by the visioffice system determines the exact prescription needed for the sharpest vision. Each unique patient profile allows Dr. Choate to create custom lenses that accommodate vision for all distances and areas of focus. Choate Eye Associates is the only office in the Nashville metro area to utilize this advanced imaging technology when selecting a patient’s lenses and frames.

Visioffice Technology and Custom Frames

Visioffice imaging assists patients in finding the lenses and frames that are best for them. The system helps patients select frames that complement their facial structure for an attractive and close fit. The computerized system takes measurements of the entire face from all different angles. Images are uploaded to our computer system, allowing patients to virtually try on different frames, lenses, and colored contact lenses in real time.

Patients can move their heads and adjust their hair to see how the frame looks from different angles. Once an eyeglass frame is selected, its size and shape can be adjusted based on the patient’s facial measurements. The visioffice system lets patients select a glasses frame that looks good and fits comfortably and securely.

Benefits of Visioffice Technology

Dr. Choate is proud to utilize Visioffice imaging technology because of all the benefits it offers his patients. Some of the most notable advantages of the Visioffice system include:

  • Enhanced patient education through easily accessible data
  • Most accurate lens prescription based on eye measurements and movements
  • Ability to prescribe premium lenses, including polarized lenses and no-glare lenses
  • More efficient care with fewer needs for adjustments or additional appointments
  • Ability to compare and contrast between thousands of different lenses and frames
  • Complete customer satisfaction

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If you rely on glasses to provide clear and focused vision, Dr. Walter Choate can use Visoffice imaging technology to find frames and lenses that best meet your prescription needs and aesthetic desires. To schedule an appointment at our in-office optical boutique, send us a message online or call (615) 851-7575 at your earliest convenience.

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