Neurolens vs. Prism By Walter Choate on March 03, 2023

glasses outdoors, with one lens showing blurry vision and the other showing clear visionComputer vision syndrome is a condition that affects people who spend long periods of time looking at digital screens, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. It can result in eye strain and blurry vision. At Choate Eye Associates, serving Nashville, TNGoodlettsville, TN, and Hendersonville, TN, we offer effective treatment for computer vision syndrome. In this blog post, we discuss neurolens vs. prism lenses, and how the use of the Neurolens Measurement Device to create prism lenses can improve your quality of life.

Computer Vision Syndrome and Misalignments

Computer vision syndrome can be caused by misalignments in the eyes, which can occur when the eyes are not properly aligned or when the focusing system is not working efficiently. Misalignments can cause the eyes to work harder to maintain focus and alignment.

For some patients, the eyes are unable to work together to focus on nearby objects. For others, the eyes have difficulty adjusting focus between near and far objects, causing eye strain and fatigue when using digital devices. Some patients may have eyes that are misaligned vertically, causing headaches, dizziness, and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome. In addition, prismatic distortions can occur when the lenses in eyeglasses are not properly aligned, causing visual distortions that can contribute to eye strain and discomfort.

The Neurolens Measurement Device

Neurolens technology produces lenses for glasses that are designed to reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain. The system works by providing more prism where it is needed most, correcting small amounts of misalignment in the eyes that can occur when looking at screens for extended periods of time. These misalignments can cause symptoms such as headaches, eye strain, and neck pain.

The first component of treatment involves the use of the Neurolens Measurement Device, which is a proprietary measuring system that evaluates eye movements to detect and quantify misalignments in the eyes. The measurements taken with this technology enable us to craft custom designed lenses that correct the misalignments and provide relief from symptoms related to computer vision syndrome.


Prism lenses are a special type of lens that can be added to eyeglasses to correct misalignments and improve visual comfort. They work by bending light as it enters the eye, which can help the eyes work together more efficiently to reduce strain on the visual system.

When used for computer vision syndrome, prisms are prescribed by an eye doctor who has evaluated the patient. The prism prescription is customized for the patient's specific needs and may be combined with other treatments, such as adjusting the patient's working environment and habits to reduce digital eye strain.

Other Tips to Reduce Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms

If you are experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain, it is important to take regular breaks from looking at screens, adjust the brightness and contrast of your screen to reduce glare, and use Neurolens or Prism technology to reduce strain on your eyes.

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