How Neurolens Glasses Help Treat Strabismus By Walter Choate on April 28, 2022

A young woman looks upward while adjusting her glassesAt Choate Eye Associates, located in Nashville, TN, we help our patients see the beauty of life with crystalline clarity. However, hours spent looking at computers, phones, and TV screens can take a major toll on our vision. That’s why Dr. Walter Choate offers revolutionary Neurolens® glasses to treat computer vision syndrome (CVS) and strabismus.

Strabismus is a condition that can affect adults and children, and our reliance on digital screens could contribute to or exacerbate the condition. Here, our skilled optometrist will discuss how Neurolens glasses for strabismus can help.

What Is Strabismus?

Better known as crossed eyes, strabismus is when one eye is turned in a direction that differs from the other eye. Esotropia is one form of strabismus in which both eyes are turned inwards but will not return to a neutral position. Esotropia is a prime example of what crossed eyes look like.

Some people mistake this for lazy eye (amblyopia), but that is a separate condition related to weaker vision in one eye.

Can Computer Use Affect Strabismus?

Experts believe that Americans spend, on average, seven hours in front of a digital screen every day. During these seven hours, our eyes are working overtime to focus on the images in front of us. This can lead to fatiguing eye muscles and potential eye misalignment, also known as strabismus.

Typically, optometrists see CVS-related strabismus in children, but it can occur in adults, too. The culprit is usually fatigued eye muscles that rely upon neighboring muscles to compensate for focal weaknesses.

What Are Neurolens Glasses?

Traditional prescription lenses help focus light onto the retinas so that the brain can correctly interpret incoming information. Neurolenses, however, use advanced prism technology within the lenses of glasses to encourage weak eye muscles to pull the eye into proper alignment.

Our optometrist can use contoured prisms in both prescription and non-prescription glasses. This means that even patients with perfect vision can get glasses with contoured prisms to help treat strabismus.

How Do Neurolens Glasses Work?

The contoured prisms in Neurolenses combine optometry and neurology to move eyes back into proper alignment. Using a special measurement device, an eye doctor can measure the distance between the pupils and track how each eye moves independently. The eye doctor can then use this information to create lenses for each patient’s unique misalignment needs.

Our team strategically places contoured prisms within the lenses of your glasses to tell your eyes where they need to focus. In turn, the weak muscles of your eyes strengthen over time, which corrects strabismus.

Additionally, prism-correction lenses can drastically improve the symptoms of CVS. Indeed, studies indicate that 93% of patients noticed almost instantaneous relief from all CVS-related symptoms with Neurolens glasses.

Learn If Neurolenses Are Right for You

CVS and strabismus can put undue stress on your eyes. Neurolens glasses help your eyes focus properly, which can alleviate bothersome CVS symptoms and misalignments. If you’re ready to discuss contoured prism lenses, then contact Choate Eye Associates today. Patients in the Goodlettsville and Hendersonville areas can schedule an appointment with Dr. Choate by requesting it online or by calling our office at (615) 851-7575.

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