Do I Need to Wear Reading Glasses If I Have Presbyopia? By deborah on April 17, 2020

Reading glassesThe effects of aging can make reading difficult and even strenuous. If you have symptoms related to presbyopia, you can be fitted with stylish reading glasses that restore your ability to read with ease.

If you have been putting off buying reading glasses for presbyopia, you may be straining your eyes. Once our optician, Dr. Walter Choate, has provided a diagnosis and prescription, a team member of our optical boutique will walk you through your reading glasses options. Choate Eye Associates serves Nashville, TN, Goodlettsville, TN, and Hendersonville, TN.

A Brief Look at Presbyopia

Research suggests that around 2 billion people worldwide have presbyopia. The telltale symptom of this vision problem is difficulty reading fine print. Some people with this condition may also experience increased sensitivity to light. Presbyopia is age-related and results from stiffening of the lens. The average age when people begin to notice presbyopia symptoms is 40.

Does Having Presbyopia Mean that I Need Reading Glasses?

People with presbyopia find themselves holding books and smartphones at greater lengths. Unfortunately, this can create more problems due to the fact that increased distance makes the letters appear smaller. One solution to this problem is to have your vision problem diagnosed and to have prescription reading glasses fitted at our eye center.

What Are My Options for Glasses if I Have Presbyopia?

Two popular solutions to presbyopia are eyeglasses with progressive lenses and glasses with bifocal lenses. Progressive lenses allow you to see at different distances without the need for a visible line in your glasses. Bifocals offer two fields of vision: one for distance and one for close reading. 

Your third option is reading glasses. Understandably, many adults aren’t quite ready to throw in the towel and settle on glasses that are commonly associated with “old people.” If you are looking for a more discreet way to address presbyopia, reading glasses may be an ideal option. 

Benefits of Reading Glasses

The main benefit of reading glasses is that you only need to wear them when you are reading or performing similar tasks that require clear vision close up. If you wear contact lenses, one of our eye doctors can have you fitted with a custom pair of reading glasses that works seamlessly with your current contacts. Although reading glasses are commonly sold at retail stores, we recommend visiting our office for the best solution.

Store-bought glasses may not address your reading needs, and the lenses may not come with important anti-reflective coatings that can prevent eye strain. The same level of care and thought that goes into obtaining a pair of prescription glasses should go into finding the right pair of reading glasses.

Find out Which Pair of Reading Glasses Works Best for You

Reading glasses are a great option for people who do not want to wear bifocals or progressive glasses. Simply use your reading glasses at work or home and continue using your normal prescription glasses or contacts as normal.

Choate Eye Associates blends state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities with a unique optical boutique so all your eye care needs can be handled in one location. To schedule your next visit, contact our office online or call (615) 851-7575.

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