neurolens Side Effects By Walter Choate on January 28, 2020

Woman working on a laptopMany of us spend long hours each day staring at computer monitors and laptop screens. Whether it’s for work, for pleasure, or a mix of both, it can lead to serious eyestrain and headaches. This condition is known as computer vision syndrome, and it’s getting more and more common given the realities of the modern world.

Thankfully, Dr. Walter Choate has a treatment for computer vision syndrome. It’s called neurolens®, and it’s helped many patients in the Nashville, Goodlettsville, and Hendersonville, TN area. Below, we’ll go over the basics of how neurolens works. We’ll then note the side effects of neurolens that affect patients in the short-term and if there are any side effects in the long run.

How neurolens Works

neurolens is a type of corrective eyewear designed for people who experience serious eyestrain from staring at screens all day. neurolens helps keep your eyes in proper alignment when looking a digital devices for long periods of time. This reduces issues with computer vision syndrome and its associated symptoms, which include:

  • Eye fatigue
  • Light sensitivity
  • Dry eye
  • Discomfort while using a digital device
  • Headaches

The neurolens lenses can be placed in traditional frames, making them indistinguishable from normal glasses. They can be worn at all times, and can match your current prescription. Even people with 20/20 vision may benefit from wearing neurolens while looking at their computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

The neurolens Adjustment Period

When patients first try on their neurolens lenses, they may notice a little bit of disorientation. This is normal, and patients will quickly adjust to having the neurolens lenses on. It’s similar to trying on progressive lenses for the first time.

Are There Side Effects During the neurolens Adjustment Period?

There are few if any side effects associated with neurolens. The only mild side effect is the initial disorientation of trying on neurolens lenses for the first time. Once patients adjust to their neurolens lenses, the disorientation will not be an issue.

Are There Long-Term Side Effects to neurolens?

There are no long-term negative side effects of wearing neurolens lenses. That’s one of the great benefits of neurolens. They allow you to get your work done and enjoy looking at digital screens for long periods of time, but they do not have a major impact on your eye health and vision.

Is neurolens Right for Me?

neurolens may be just what you need, especially if you look at screen a lot during the day. The relief provided from computer vision syndrome can make a major difference when your eyes are away from your device.

The best way to find out if neurolens is right for you is to visit our practice for a consultation. During your visit, we can perform an eye exam and determine if you’ll benefit from treatment. We can then answer all of your questions and address your concerns about neurolens. Providing ample information allows you to experience great vision.

Contact Choate Eye Associates

If you live in the greater Nashville area and would like to learn more about neurolens and options for treating computer vision syndrome, we encourage you to contact a board-certified optometrist. Our office in Goodlettsville can be reached by phone at (615) 805-0712.

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