Common Causes of Eye Injuries By Walter Choate on December 01, 2014

An eye seen in a close upPeople in the greater Nashville area can count on the team at Choate Eye Associates to provide them with excellent vision care and eye treatments. Our team is able to treat various eye conditions and emergency vision problems, and we will work carefully to restore vision or reduce vision impairment as much as possible.

Below we have covered some of the most common causes of eye injuries that people face. We've also noted a few safety tips when applicable to help protect your eyes from harm and preserve your vision in the process.

Contact and Combat Sports Injuries

Contact sports and combat sports can both lead to serious trauma to the eye area if you are not careful. When participating in such sports, we encourage you to wear the proper eye protection and headgear to guard yourself from harm.

Vehicle Accidents

Whether it's a bike, a motorcycle, or a car, getting into an accident while on a vehicle can lead to injuries to the eyes or the eye area. Be sure to wear a helmet when you are on your bike or motorcycle and to drive cautiously regardless your vehicle.

Long-Term Exposure to UV Rays

The ultraviolet radiation from the sun will slowly do damage to your eyes over time. Wearing sunglasses when out in the daylight as well as a hat with a brim protects your eyes from this harmful radiation and can prevent cataracts from forming.

Accidents with Children's Toys

Children's toys are usually safe, but every now and then a serious accident can happen, particularly when projectiles are involved or the child is very young. Be sure to supervise your young children at play in order to minimize possible injuries.

Household Cleaners and Chemicals

Basic household cleaners and chemicals are irritating and dangerous to the eyes, and sometimes they can wind up accidentally spraying you or spilling. Make sure nozzles are aimed away from you and pointed properly and that you use these items in a well-ventilated space.

Shopwork and Garage Injuries

Working in the garage or a woodshop, there is the chance of stray sawdust, metal filings, and other small particles getting stuck in the eyes. Wear protective goggles and/or facemasks when doing work where the eyes may be at risk.

Working in the Yard

As with shopwork and garage work, small particles can wind up in your eyes, like dirt, dust, blades of grass, or even flecks of leaves. Keep protective eyewear on while working outdoors and be aware of your surroundings.

What to Do In Case of an Eye Injury

The exact action will depend on the nature of the eye injury.

  • If trauma has occurred to the eye area or the eye itself, be sure to visit an emergency eye care center as soon as possible so long as there is not another pressing medical need that has to be addressed.
  • If chemicals get into your eye, flush your eye out at an eyewash station or hold your eye open under a clean stream of room temperature tap water for up to 15 minutes. Visit an emergency eye care center as soon as possible after that.
  • If an object is lodged in your eye and will not come out naturally from blinking or your eyes watering, visit an emergency eye care center right away.

Under no circumstances should you rub your eyes or attempt to physically dislodge or remove an object from your eye yourself. Leave these matters to vision professionals.

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