Cataract Treatments By Walter Choate on August 15, 2012

Nashville Cataract TreatmentCataracts are extremely common and are usually age related. Most cataracts develop after the age of forty. Simply stated, a cataract is an eye disease that causes the normally clear lens of the eye to become cloudy and opaque. Because most cataracts develop slowly over time, it is possible to live for years with a cataract before experiencing symptoms. It is not unusual for a cataract patient to be completely unaware of a developing cataract, with it only being discovered during a routine eye examination performed by one of our medical ophthalmology specialists in Nashville.

The only treatment for cataracts is surgery. Once cataract symptoms begin to negatively affect your life, surgery is usually recommended. Symptoms of cataracts include cloudy vision, blurry vision, dim vision, an increased difficulty seeing at night, sensitivity to light, double vision, glare, frequent changes in your eye prescriptions, halos, and colors that seem faded. Once cataracts have advanced, normal daily activities may become difficult, such as driving and reading. Even seeing faces clearly may become impossible with advanced cataracts. The surgical treatment of cataracts can drastically improve the quality of your life. The majority of our patients experience good to great vision after surgery.

For our patients in Nashville, cataract treatment involves removing the natural lens of the eye and replacing it with an IOL (intraocular lens). There are multiple IOLs available today.  During your comprehensive surgery consultation, one of our Nashville IOLs specialists will determine which type of IOL is best suited for your unique eye needs.

ReZoom® Multifocal Lens

The state-of-the-art ReZoom® Multifocal Lens is a clear, foldable implant comprised of a high-refractive-index acrylic material, designed to provide a full range of vision after cataract surgery. ReZoom® lenses also provide good vision (near, distance, and intermediate) in varying light conditions. Patients who have been diagnosed with a cataract and who are experiencing the negative symptoms associated with a cataract, such as difficulty when reading or driving, may be suitable candidates for the ReZoom® Multifocal Lens. Patients with a cataract and who require the aid of bifocals may also benefit from ReZoom®.


Because the AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® IOL is comprised of a soft, foldable acrylic material it is easier for the surgeon to implant, as well as being more comfortable for the patient. Patients can correct both cataracts and presbyopia during the implantation of the ReSTOR® IOL. Six months after surgery, 78 percent of patients reported not needing eyeglasses or contact lenses after having ReSTOR® IOLs implanted in both eyes.


Crystalens® is the only FDA approved IOL that uses the natural focusing ability of the eye. It is also the only FDA approved accommodating IOL. It is designed to flex as you focus your vision, just like your natural lens. Crystalens® allows the optic to move back and forth as you change focus on images around you. After implantation of Crystalens®, most patients experience brighter and clearer vision across a wide range of distances. The risk of glare, halos, and difficulty seeing at night is low with Crystalens®.

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