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Nashville IOLsThere are no two ways about it: cataracts are a pain. When the eye’s natural lens becomes clouded, the vision that so many people take for granted becomes frustratingly obscured and blurry, interfering with essential everyday tasks as driving, using a computer, and even reading. The only way to treat cataracts is to remove the clouded lens permanently.

Fortunately, the technology for replacing the natural lens of the eye has become increasingly sophisticated over the past few years. Dr. Walter S. Choate, our medical ophthalmologist in Nashville, and his associate, Dr. Lauren Goldsmith, are able not only to restore the vision of cataract patients but in many cases make it sharper and clearer than ever before. This is thanks to the range of advanced intraocular lenses, or IOLs, available at our vision restoration center. Unlike intraocular lenses of the past, which were used to restore vision at a single distance, modern multifocal IOLs allow patients to see clearly at all distances, from near to far. Many of our patients find that they require no other visual aids after being fitted with high-quality IOLs.

At our practice in Nashville, IOLs have helped hundreds of cataract sufferers see the world clearly once again. We urge you to read more about the three state-of-the-art multifocal IOLs we offer at Choate Eye Associates and then to contact our practice in Nashville today.

AcrySof ReSTOR®

AcrySof ReSTOR® multifocal intraocular lenses effectively restore vision at all distances. Unlike many other IOLs, ReSTOR® is made of a soft acrylic that can easily be folded to fit through minute incisions made in the surface of the eye. In addition to replacing the eye’s natural lens after cataract surgery, ReSTOR® can also be used in the treatment of presbyopia, the age-related farsightedness that causes most people over the age of 40 to require reading glasses. Cataract patients who also suffer from presbyopia may be able to rid themselves of both conditions with a single surgical procedure.

ReZoom® Multifocal Lenses

The ReZoom® multifocal lens offers five focusing zones, thereby restoring vision at all distances, from near to far. This extraordinary lens allows for excellent vision in a variety of conditions including low and moderate light conditions. Like ReSTOR®, ReZoom® is made out of a foldable acrylic material so that the lenses can be inserted through minimal incisions, which maximizes patient comfort and minimizes healing time.


The Crystalens® accommodating IOL was modeled after the human eye, and works with the eye’s muscles to provide excellent focus at all distances. Like ReSTOR®, Crystalens® can also be used in the treatment of presbyopia. Unlike ReZoom® and ReSTOR®, however, Crystalens® is not a multifocal IOL; it works more similarly to a natural lens, directing light to a single focal point. There is also a reduced risk of halos and glares with Crystalens® compared to multifocal IOLs.

Which IOL Is Right for You?

Whether you are interested in LASIK or high-quality contact lenses, Nashville ophthalmologist Walter S. Choate has the skill and experience to provide you with outstanding results. He produces the same consistently excellent results for cataract patients. To find out which IOL is right for you, please contact our Nashville vision restoration practice today.

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